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Get on-brand creative exactly when you need it.
We get it…

You’re experts in collecting data and crafting plans to effectively build and market your brands. When it comes to developing the visual assets that act as the ammunition for those plans, a single in-house designer or freelance creative resource can often hinder speed-to-market. Instead of spending your time and resources on the strategies that can positively impact the business, you find yourself mired in production-level tasks. Your agency may be failing you with skyrocketing costs and late turnarounds while finding and managing freelancers is no longer a realistic option – there’s just too many variables to manage, from sourcing to schedules, fees to the overall quality of the delivered designs.

Blue Rabbit to the rescue!
Blue Rabbit Studios is hands down, the best partnership journey we could have asked for when we launched Spire Media. To have access to ground breaking creative services, innovative concepts & ideas, with a team that has the collective knowledge equivalent to an international space program, you are guaranteed the results and relationships your company deserves to succeed!


Jazz Mann @ Spire Media


Provide greater value with highly engaging visuals.
We see you…

You’re masterful at social presence and building brand engagement. You eat, sleep, and breathe social strategy but when it comes to developing the visual assets that are intended to grab attention and tug a heart-string or two, your unlimited design depot doesn’t quite have the vision and your freelancers are missing the mark. Instead of spending your time and energy on the strategies that propel you and your clients forward, you find yourself playing project manager and art director. The variables you need to manage, from sourcing to schedules, fees to the overall quality of the delivered designs have your head spinning rather than in the game. That’s where we come in…

social media teams
Blue Rabbit to the rescue!


Lauren Peress @ Hearthstone Marketing


Get a hand with creative tasks that block your path.
Creators! We’ve been there…

Your company or client has a vision that’s going to take some deep thinking to sort through, but instead of spending your days ruminating on the big picture, you’re bogged down by a steady stream of teeny-tiny creative tasks. Day after day, they sap your mental energy, demotivating you in a job where you need to be inspired. Your whole team knows that creative and design should play a major role in your business’s success, but even with help from freelance designers you still can’t keep up or find the time to do your very best work.

Blue Rabbit to the rescue!
My entire experience from beginning to end was superb. Working with Daniel and Blue Rabbit Studios was a seamless process that has significantly upgraded my company and brand. It was a great experience and mostly effortless – the only difficulty came when I had to narrow my selections down one of 3 amazing designs.


James Orr @ Orr Media Company
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Your input matters!

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