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Who we are

Blue Rabbit Studios is the world’s premier emotionally intelligent design-ops agency; providing a cost effective, whole-team solution to brands & agencies looking for consistently impactful creative direction & design.

Founded in 2017 by Daniel Quintana, Blue Rabbit Studios was born from the idea that brands can ( and should ) form deeper, more meaningful relationships with their audience through Emotionally Intelligent Design.

wait...what is emotionally intelligent design

What we do

We provide a cost-effective, scaleable, whole-team solution to
turning market insights into emotionally engaging visual campaigns.

A Dedicated Creative Director works with you to understand each brand’s mission, vision, values and target audience.

We use your market insights and desired content approach to develop a design plan to deliver creative that truly resonates.

Our professional design team executes creative assets under the direction of your dedicated Creative Director.

We deliver presentation and production-ready files to take your audience engagement to the next level.

what types of assets do you deliver?

Don’t see it on the list? Don’t sweat! We also handle larger projects such as brand development and full scope web design Drop us a line!

Why we do it

You are experts in collecting data and crafting plans to effectively market your brands but when it comes to design, they often lean on a single in-house designer or freelance resource to produce the visual assets that act as the ammunition for those plans.

why we do it

HOW it works

how it works
what about our brand
creative presentations

Impactful design starts here.

Blue Rabbit’s unique design-ops subscription service combines top designers from around the world, with emotionally intelligent creative direction and the flexibility of an infinitely scaleable team to deliver a game-changing experience for our partners.

In this one-on-one call, we’ll explore:

  • Your current design resource stack
  • Your design workflow
  • Potential areas for improvement

A No cost, obligation-free consutation to identify what’s working and if/where we can help!

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Get A Free Design-Ops Audit

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